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    vision goes Korea

    The agitiation is bubbling within us like a pot of boiling kimchi stew! Our much-awaited first trip to Korea is finally on the horizon, and we are giddy with excitment! Picture this: a year and a half of eager anticipation, thwarted plans, and suddenly, almost out of the blue, the stars have aligned for our grand adventure.

    Despite our jam-packed schedule that would make a workaholic sloth jealous—four concerts in four days—we are determined not to let this be a mere whirlwind romance with Korean cuisine. Our strategy is a meticulously planned culinary expedition. We're on a quest to dive into the depths of sul-jips, and ambitious to set our sights on conquering as many bibimbaps as humanly possible between the concerts.

    So, while our schedules might be tighter than the lid on a jar of perfectly pickled radishes, fear not! Our love for Korean cuisine shall not be sidelined. It's a mission, an adventure, and a pledge to fill our bellies and souls with the delicious wonders of Korea.

    The tour dates are 17th - 23rd February and ticket sales are open. See you soon in Seoul, Injeon, Jeonju and Ulsan!

    Your visions

  • 2023
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    New concert dates 2024

    Our new concert dates for the upcoming season are now available. The list will of course continue to be lovingly supplemented - we ask for your understanding, we cannot accept any liability for any gaps ;)

    We are looking forward to giving concerts again in some well-known venues, including the Glocke in Bremen, the Tauberphilharmonie in Weikersheim and the Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden. We are also finally returning to our hometown of Berlin and will be performing at the Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern, the Funkhaus in Saarbrücken and at the Festspiele in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Rheingau Music Festival. We are also planning concert tours to Italy, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

    We have some exciting collaborations planned for the coming year, including performances with the Swedish jazz pianist Joel Lyssarides, the Iranian double-neck guitarist Mahan Mirarab and the Finnish jazz pianist Iiro Rantala. We are looking forward to these versatile collaborations and inspiring musical encounters.

    See you soon,

    your visions

  • 26

    How's it goin' Australia?

    This year it's time, probably our biggest and most exciting tour to the other end of the world is coming up! The continent of Australia has remained unexplored by the visions until now, but that is going to change. Only 80 more sleeps and then we're off. We are really looking forward to this adventure with 12 concerts in 4 weeks, to name a few, we will visit cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. On our string we have our new Australian partner "leatherwood bespoke", with rosin custom-made for us personally. We are confident that with this sticky support we will be able to handle this exciting tour ;) Until then, we wish you all a fantastic summer!

    Your visions

  • 26

    Stick together - new rosin mascots!

    We are really excited to be the new rosin mascots for leatherwood bespoke rosin. Can’t wait to make our bows dance with these crispy gums which give our sound the right bite. Looking forward to many years of liability to our new fantaStick partner.

    Also on our debut tour in Australia, the country of origin of this sticky secret recipe, we will appreciate the reliable string contact and look forward to the good grip on highways and stages!

  • 2022
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    New concert dates 2023

    From now on you can find our new concert dates for the upcoming season. The list will of course continue to be lovingly supplemented.

    We are looking forward to concerts at the Liederhalle Stuttgart, the Wigmore Hall and the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, as well as in the Konzerthaus Wien, in the Kultur & Kongresszentrum Lucerne and at the Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern and the Rheingau Musikfestival, and to concert tours to Italy, Austria, Belgium, Israel, Norway and Australia!

    In addition, we are now happy to perform as Artist in Residence at the Bodenseefestival 2023 with a delay of 3 years.

    See you very soon,

    your visions

  • 10

    Happy Endorser

    +++Side to String with Thomastik+++

    We are very happy that we have been accepted into the artist family of the Thomastik-Infeld company! The strings have been with us for as long as we can remember and have inspired us in all registers ever since :)

    It is a great honour for us to be officially sponsored by Thomastik from now on and to know the wonderful strings always at our side.

    In June we found the magic formula for the perfect string combination on our instruments in Vienna with the product management and since some of us have now put the secret prototypes on their instruments, champagne glasses are shattering by the dozen and the plaster is finally crumbling from the ceiling at our concerts.

  • 06



    We are very happy about the success of our fundraising campaign. Through our CD and vinyl sales, we were able to generate proceeds of 4,475€, which will now go directly to the donation account of the Partnership Association Steglitz-Zehlendorf e.V. From there, the money can be used directly for further acutely important things such as humanitarian and medical care.

    Many thanks to all who followed our call for donations!


    your visions

  • 12

    Give Peace A Chance!

    We too are very shaken by the recent events in Ukraine. The situation is very serious, but not hopeless.

    We are clearly on the side of peace and harmony.

    To help the people in Ukraine, we have decided to donate the proceeds of our CD and vinyl sales after our concerts in March. For this purpose we cooperate with the Partnership Association Kharkiv - Steglitz-Zehlendorf e.V. and follow their call for donations to support the Ukrainian twin city Kharkiv.

    The partnership with the second largest city in Ukraine, which is located about 40 km from the Russian border in the northeast of the country, has existed since 1990. The money goes directly to the donation account of the partnership association and will be used primarily for urgently needed medicines.

    Thank you very much for your support,

    Your visions

  • 01

    Neustart Kultur


    Das Abenteuer geht weiter! Nach dem Besetzungswechsel an der 1. Geige liegt sowohl eine aufregende Etappe voller intensiver Proben und fantastischen Konzerten hinter uns, als auch eine spannende Zeit mit einer Fülle an neuen Projekten und Produktionen vor uns.

    So bereiten wir uns im Jahr 2022 u.a. auf Konzerte in den großen deutschen Konzertsälen wie z.B. der Berliner Philharmonie, Elbphilharmonie, Konzerthaus Dortmund oder der Liederhalle vor. Mit an Bord ist dabei unser Live Sound Engineer Philipp Treiber, der künftig bei unserem Spectrum-Programm den Ton angeben wird! :)

    Außerdem werden wir neue Musikvideos drehen und unser Repertoire durch neue Songs erweitern.

    All dies erfordert natürlich eine konzentrierte umfassende Vorbereituns-/Planungs- und Probenzeit und viel Energie, nicht nur körperlich sondern auch finanziell. Deshalb sind wir sehr glücklich und dankbar, dass wir für die Förderung im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR vom Deutschen Musikrat ausgewählt wurden, welche es uns ermöglicht und enorm erleichtert, alle unsere Vorhaben in diesem Jahr zu realisieren.

    Bleibt gesund,

    eure visions

  • 2021
  • 06

    Hit the refresh button - vision string quartet announces line-up change

    HIT THE REFRESH BUTTON. new line-up announcement.

    Shortly before our 10th anniversary, we say goodbye to our 1st violinist Jakob Encke, who moves on to pastures new.

    Dear Jakob, as a quartet we grew up together, you were with us through thick and thin and shaped us significantly with your ideas and your inspiration. We thank you for nine wonderful years together and wish you all the best in your future life!

    Spoiler: We won't have to celebrate our ten-year anniversary as a threesome because we've found an excellent new member:
    The great Lower Bavarian violinist and composer Florian Willeitner will join us and we're now looking forward to the next (hopefully at least) nine years as a quartet with him :)

  • 28

    Spectrum - New Album Out Now

    Neues Album "Spectrum"

    Wir sind überglücklich, euch mitteilen zu können, dass unser Zweites Album "Spectrum" nun endlich fertig ist und nur darauf wartet, gekauft und gestreamt zu werden.

    Au unserem neuen Album präsentieren wir 13 Songs, die wir selbst komponiert, arrangiert und produziert haben.

    Inspiriert von Folk, Pop, Rock, Funk, Minimal und Singer-Songwriter-Musik haben wir uns auf die Reise zu unserem ganz eigenen Sound und Genre begeben. Entstanden ist ein in dieser Form völlig neuartiges musikalisches Abenteuer ohne Grenzen, geprägt durch persönliche Erlebnisse, Begegnungen sowie vielseitige Eindrücke verschiedenster Kulturen. Dabei tauchen wir nur mit unseren vier Streichinstrumenten in eine ganz neue Welt voller Klänge ein - von Gitarre, Ukulele und Bass bis hin zu Bongos oder gleich einem ganzen Drumset. Zu einigen der Songs haben wir auch Musikvideos gedreht.

    Wir wünschen euch ebenso freudige und euphorische wie auch nachdenkliche und berührende Momente beim Anhören :)

    Eure visions

  • 02


    After all four of us were torn from our parents' house at an early age and subjected to a long period of training at various music colleges, we can now proudly announce that we have received the accolade.

    We were awarded the Ritter-Prize by the Oscar and Vera Ritter Foundation for particularly outstanding achievements in the field of music. We are very happy about that!

    The ceremony will take place October 12th at 7:30 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg.

    You can now book free tickets under the link below:

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    Plunk Ballad - New Single Out Now!

    Here it is: from now on you can find our new single Plunk Ballad on all streaming platforms.

    For the music video we had the honor to work together with the incredible dancers Madoka Sugai and Matias Oberlin, both members of the Hamburger Staatsballett. Watch the music video here:

    Enjoy listening / watching and keep staying fit healthy! See you soon :)
    Your visions

  • 05

    Regular News and Good News as well!


    While our concert calendar is still being kept in check by the corona pandemic, we are still looking forward cheerfully, because something big is coming!

    At this time, we cannot reveal what exactly, it just needs to be said: it won't be long!

    Thank you for your patience, we can't wait to be live on stage for you again very very soon. (And maybe then even with a brand new program...:)

    Hang in there,

    your visions

  • 04

    Brand spanking new concert dates!

    After all of our concerts have been cancelled or postponed since November last year, we are now cautiously confident to announce brand new old dates! :)

    We can't wait to finally play again in front of a real live audience and are really looking forward to spring, summer and especially you guys !!

    Your visions

  • 2020
  • 18


    This Sunday, October 18, 2020, the big OPUS KLASSIK Gala 2020 will take place, where we will share the stage in the Great Hall of the Konzerthaus Berlin with Anne-Sophie Mutter, Jonas Kaufmann, Diana Damrau and many other wonderful artists. The evening will again be led by the great Thomas Gottschalk. We are very pleased!

    For everyone who should miss this program, you can find the link below to the ZDF media library to watch and listen to "live an in color" :)

  • 07



    We got awarded with the OPUS KLASSIK in the category "Chamber Music Recording Quartet" for our debut album MEMENTO. Thanks a lot!

    A HUGE shoutout to our fantastic sound engineer Christoph Franke!!!

    We are very happy to perform at the OPUS KLASSIK award ceremony on the 18th of October in Konzerthaus Berlin. The ceremony will be broadcast on TV on the 18th of October at 22.15 with ZDF.

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  • 11

    Debut Album Release!


    First of all we want to share something very exciting with you:

    Our long-awaited debut album "memento" will be released on Warner Classics!

    Schubert „Death & The Maiden“ and Mendelssohn No. 6 will be available in stores and on all streaming platforms on March 13th.

    For pre-order or a first sneak-preview follow this link:

    Apart from this we sadly have to announce that some concerts of our upcoming tour had to be canceled due to the current corona situation.
    For some of them there are already alternative dates. So far this concerns the following concerts:

    Berlin - March 13th

    Düsseldorf - March 15th

    Stuttgart - March 16th I POSTPONED to December 7th 2020

    Weikersheim - March 19th I POSTPONED to November 5th 2020

    Reutlingen - March 20th I POSTPONED to December 14th 2020

    Aachen - March 22th I POSTPONED to June 14th 2020

    Milano - March 31st

    Rovereto - April 2nd I POSTPONED to June 10th 2020

    Rijeka - April 4th

    Meersburg - May 17th I POSTPONED to Dec 13th 2020

    London - June 29th

    We keep this list updated in case of any short-term changes.

    your visions

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  • 2019
  • 09

    Concert dates 19/20

    From now on you can find all dates for the season 19/20 at concerts!

    We look forward to concerts in the Philharmonie Berlin, in the Elbphilharmonie, at the Heidelberger Streichquartettfest, in the Liederhalle Stuttgart, in the newly founded Tauberphilharmonie, in the Wigmore Hall as well as concert tours to Japan, Canada, the USA, Austria, Norway, Italy, Croatia and Switzerland.

    We are also very happy to be Artist in Residence at the Bodenseefestival 2020.

    In March 2020 our debut album with works by Schubert and Mendelssohn will finally be released - more detailed information will follow soon!

    Your visions

  • 26

    Alternate dates for cancelled concerts

    After we had to cancel some concerts due to a torn ligament that our cellist Leonard suffered during a bicycle accident in January, we are happy to be back on stage now! We apologize for any cancelled concerts, the following list of alternate dates will be updated as soon as any dates are fixed.

    18.01. Wiesbaden: postponed to 11.12.2020

    19.01. Bensheim: postponed to 19.09.2020

    20.01. Münster: postponed to 12.05.2019

    27.01. Florence: postponed to the season 2020/2021

    31.01. Cologne: postponed to 08.06.2019

    01.02. Hamburg: postponed to 14.01.2020

    03.02. Essen: postponed to 24.01.2021

    27.02. Sage Gateshead: postponed to 21.04.2021

    19.03. Brussels: cancelled, next concert on 28.06.2019

    20.03. Munich: postponed, date will be announced soon

    22.03. Steinhagen: postponed to 21.06.2019

    23.03. Greven: postponed to 24.01.2021

    24.03. Menden: postponed to 22.09.2019

  • 19

    Cancellation of some concerts due to an injury

    Unfortunately, our cellist Leonard suffered a torn ligament in his right shoulder in a bicycle accident, so we had to cancel some concerts at short notice. We regret this very much and apologize for any inconvenience! Fortunately, he is already on the way to recovery, so we will be back on stage soon. Alternate dates for all cancelled concerts are being organized and will be announced here in a timely manner.

    Your visions

  • 2018
  • 26

    Awarded the Ponto Prize!

    We have to proudly announce that we have been awarded the chamber music prize of the Jürgen Ponto Foundation. We are speechless, grateful an most of all incredibly honored!

  • 2017
  • 08

    Fresh new concert dates!

    Our concert dates until June 2018 have finally been updated and will be completed soon! 

    We can’t wait for our (2nd) debut at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg as well as concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Spain, Italy and England!

    And there will be some great upcoming announcements to make very soon:) (good old cliffhanger!)


    your visions

  • 10

    New General Management!

    We are really excited to announce our new collaboration with the british agency Sulivan Sweetland.
    They will present us worldwide as well as on the moon and we are very much looking forward to our tours through America, Europe and Asia coming up the next years! 
    We also cannot wait to meet our future agency-brother Avi Avital, the great mandolinist, with whom we will be performing at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival on 7th & 8th of July 2017!

  • 2016
  • 28

    1st Prize and all special prizes at Concours de Genève 2016

    Finally on our long way home and after 2 weeks full of action in Switzerland and Italy we are really glad especially about the last week in Geneva!

    Awarded with 1st Prize and all special prizes (audience prize, young audience prize, "concerts de Jussy"-prize and "Coup de coeur Breguet"-prize) we finally coming home to berlin delighted and tired!

    First and not least a big thankyou to the competition's team for making these nervous situations really bearable for us!

    But most of all we have to thank all of our friends (family anyway) and amazing teachers, who supported us stoically on our way and hopefully keep on doing this further on!

    We already wish you all a wonderful christmas time!

    your visions


  • 27

    Awarded with the audience prize of Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    There is a new addition to the festival's family: it’s us!

    We first of all want to thank our wonderful audience! After all, it is responsible for that!

    But a great thank-you also goes out to Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and its lovely team, we had so many great projects with this year. We already looking forward to the next one!

    Thanks to all of you!

    your vision string quartet

  • 24

    Welcome to China!

    欢迎 光临​

    After a great promotion concert we can't wait for our 2-weeks-China-Tour next year to come!
    Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Peking, Hongkong - Our quartet together with phenomenal pianist (and also interpreter by the way) Haiou Zhang!

  • 13

    Honoured with the Würth Prize

    Still quite speechless regarding the list of former prize winners as Claudio Abbado, Gustavo Dudamel or the Artemis Quartett we are extremely honored to announce that we were awarded the Würth prize by the Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland.

    The really flattering explanation:

    "Appreciating their dedicated, bold and great artistic Intention, the way of their appearance and performing, the choice of program including improvisation and modern own ompositions, defining the string quartet genre in a new, young and vivid way and on a high level musicianship."

    We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the Würth Foundation and the Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland but also to all the teachers and friends who supported us on our way.

    Your vision string quartet 

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  • 01


    On Wednesday we are going to Rotterdam!

    We are extremely looking forward to our Showcase at the international Music Fair Classical:NEXT, on Friday, the 27th May at 8 pm!

    (among other reasons, because exactely one half of our quartet is half dutch)!

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  • 16

    1 Prize at Mendelssohn Competition 2016

    "Yippee"  (- vision string quartet, 16th January '16)

    The Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Competition is over.

    We are delighted at the 1st prize as well as both special awards for "best interpretation of the commissioned piece" and "Freunde Junger Musiker".

    Thanks to all the people who supported us on our way!

    Your visions



  • 2015
  • 20

    Hakuna Matata

    Back in town!

    For two weeks we have travelled through South Africa (completely fascinated), saw at least four of the "Big Five" and had some great concerts.

    Really pleased especially by two guest appearances at performances by Rolf Stahlhofen ("Söhne Mannheims") and his georgeous band as well as with the great Laith Aldeen and with frontman of "Rock 4".

    Instead of reindeers we got giraffes and there were no sleights but a safari-jeep but though we had strong christmas feelings coming up at 35 degrees.

    Now we start preparing for the Mendelssohn Competition in January but first:

    Merry Christmas!

    Your visions